Is the Malaysian Army acquiring Dual EIMOS Mortar Systems?

May be an image of outdoorsPhoto: Dual- EIMOS Mortar System mounted on VAMTAC ST5 4x4 vehicle.

During last Defence Services Asia exhibition, one of the physical exhibit there was the EIMOS Integrated Mortar System from EXPAL S.A of Spain. EIMOS is essential an integrated mortar system that is mounted on a 4×4 high mobility lightweight vehicle - giving it mobility and protection from counterbattery/ counter mortar fire. The truck itself has no armor whatsoever and depending on mobility and speed to get out of dodge if and when trouble emerge. It can also be transported by sea, land and air and can operate in all weather conditions.

EIMOS can be operated with a minimum crew of two and it can start releasing its deadly projectiles in less than 10 seconds after the vehicle stop. At the heart of the system is an 81mm standard long-range mortar which can fire at a rate of 25 rounds per minute up to a range of 6.9km. The mortar barrel can be changed within three minutes should need arises.

The mortar system can be rotated through 360° in traverse, 4° in elevation and 4° in deflection angles for precision aiming.

Target locating in 180 grades can be done within 20 seconds. The EIMOS requires another ten seconds to designate and destroy targets from positioning. EIMOS makes automatic position corrections taking into account the displacements and changes on the axle of the weapon. The sensors subsystem allows the system to operate immediately after position correction and loading. Aiming and shooting the mortar is done automatically by the system to improve precision. The mortar system is also equipped with recoil absorption system that minimises over 90% the forces transmitted from the mortar to the vehicle.
Recently, EXPAL has announced a variant of EIMOS Mortar System known as Dual EIMOS. Much like the original system, the new variant is an 81mm on-board mortar on a highly mobile 4×4 light tactical vehicle with deep fording capability, automatic fire control but integrated with TALOS C2 System. Dual EIMOS is tailored for shoot and scoot operations, through characteristics such as maneuverability, 360º shooting without the need for additional supports and even firing on the move - providing maximum efficiency and ensure survivability.

Dual EIMOS is mounted on VAMTAC ST5 4x4 vehicle and has the capacity for deep fording of up to 1.5m without preparation.

There are media reports that stated that the Malaysian Army is acquiring a number of new 81mm mortar. While the reports are hardly surprising as the army is known to have planned for new 81mm mortar acquisition and has acquired mortar barrels from EXPAL SA. before, what makes the reports rather interesting is that it stated that the army is acquiring new 81mm mortar system complete with TALOS C2 system and mortar carrier vehicles. Putting two and two together and an interesting speculation emerge.

Is the Malaysian Army acquiring Dual EIMOS Mortar Systems?

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